You’ve asked and we’ve listened! We are pleased to announce the launch of The Grove’s new two-day Graphic Recording Intensive (November 14-15, 2018 and July 22-23, 2019) at our San Francisco location. This continuing-education opportunity is for people who have been through our Principles of Graphic Facilitation (PGF) workshop or other related training in graphic fundamentals, and are interested in taking their visual practice to the next level.

This training will refine your skills in graphic recording as well as the graphic aspects of visual facilitation. The class incorporates many demonstrations, including new tips and techniques on lettering, space planning, icons, and real-time graphic capture, with practice time throughout. Unlike the small-group focus of the PGF workshop, the Graphic Recording Intensive emphasizes individual practice and trainer feedback.

Learn to Flow with a Meeting

In this workshop participants will explore the fundamental question, “How do I remain flexible and flow with the currents of conversation while also capturing information in real-time?”

Grove trainer and consultant Malgosia Kostecka will lead this intensive. She comments, “To be a successful graphic recorder you need to be like water, embracing a fluid state of presence as you listen and capture key high-level information. If you don’t catch something, you must let it go so it’s not keeping you from listening to the next piece of information that is coming forward.”


Get the Practice You Need to Improve Your Practice

Any skilled professional has to practice to excel. Repetition is a huge part of it—building the neural pathways so instead of feeling like a rocky dirt road, they are like a smooth, freshly paved freeway. Eventually, it becomes easier for you to listen, write, and draw quickly because you have already reinforced those pathways through your practice. Then, at a certain point, you just have to throw yourself into the unknown and embrace the moment.

The Graphic Recording Intensive will assist you in building the skills you need to approach the board with creativity and confidence.




Workshop Opportunity: To register for the Graphic Recording Intensive, email, or call (415) 561-6130.

Check out Malgosia Kostecka’s portfolio and her video tutorial on lettering basics.

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