Grove Graphics Support Virtual Gathering About Higher Ed and Online Learning

Recently The Grove’s Rachel Smith graphically supported an online event that addressed the complexities of higher education in a digital age. Using a tablet, illustration software and web-conferencing technologies, Rachel created visual notes during each of the gathering’s three featured online events.

The event was hosted by EDUCAUSE, a networking and resource hub for IT professionals working in higher education. The three-day online Sprint featured an interactive mix of webinars, summary articles by guest bloggers, online discussions and Rachel’s graphic recordings.


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What Is Visual Listening?

Greg Voisen poses a question to David Sibbet during a podcast interview.


Question: You mentioned that visual listening is at the heart of every meeting. What do you mean by visual listening? I’ve heard of all kinds of listening – compassionate listening, listening from the heart – but what is visual listening?

David Sibbet: Visual listening is showing people how you are listening to them by drawing what you’re hearing as you listen.

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Agile Visual Planning: Supporting Innovation and Action

vlphotov2Agile visual planning empowers both individual leadership and group creativity—a formula for good results for organizations that employ it.

The concept of agile planning is inspired by agile software development, a method of providing versions that are “just good enough” to engage a user base—then iterating through ever more complete and polished releases that reflect real user experience.

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Take the Tour: A Webinar Walk-through of the Team Performance Online Survey



Is your team working together effectively? Gain new insight into your co-located or distributed team, and identify areas for improvement, with the Team Performance Online Survey.

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We’ve just posted the recording of our recent webinar (5/14/13) about The Grove’s online survey tool for teams. Laurie Durnell, director of consulting, and Rachel Smith, director of digital facilitation services, walk through the tool from the perspectives of both a team member and a survey administrator.

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The Team Performance Survey: A Case Study

Editor’s Note: A global biotechnology company began using The Grove’s Team Performance tools three years ago and the Team Performance Online Survey late last year. Their Learning and Development team draws from the Team Performance System to strengthen team cohesion and performance across wide-ranging functions and locations. Here is the company’s Team Performance story as shared by the project lead, a Learning & Development manager.


Accelerating and improving team performance organization-wide is a key objective for our Learning and Development team. Our company relies heavily on various types of teams to deliver results. We work with intact and within-function teams, as well as with project, cross-functional, geographically dispersed and multicultural teams. Suffice it to say that we have numerous opportunities to use the online Team Performance Survey tool.

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