Rachel Smith’s TEDx Talk: “Drawing in Class”

The Grove’s Rachel Smith, educator and visual practitioner, recently traveled to Guatemala City to deliver a TEDx talk at the Universidad Francisco Marroquín. TEDxUFM featured dynamic speakers on the innovative use of play, questioning and imagination in education. Highlights follow from Rachel’s talk.

Personal Graphic Recording for Learners of Any Age
Graphic recording, Rachel emphasizes, is not just for the work world. At the personal scale it can accompany a conversation, class, book … any situation in which you are learning.

Most people assume there is only one way to take notes: that is, with words. We are taught that drawing doesn’t belong in the classroom. In fact, a combination of drawing and words can actually enhance learning.

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Seven Takeaways from the ASTD Conference


The Grove attended the ASTD (American Society for Training and Development) conference this year partly to introduce its Team Performance Online Survey. The Survey is the first in a series of Grove products that will be available digitally to support people interested in team performance and improvement.

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Why Do Visuals Work with Teams?

The Grove Consultants host a Visual Teams Workshop at Ft. Mason in San Francisco, CA on March 29, 2012. © Vance Jacobs 2012.

The Grove Consultants host a Visual Teams Workshop at Ft. Mason in San Francisco, CA on March 29, 2012. © Vance Jacobs 2012.

What do loosely coupled systems, a stand-up meeting, and tequila have to do with each other? They were all elements in our successful Visual Teams workshop a few weeks ago at Fort Mason, in San Francisco, and argue for why visuals are working with teams.

At the opening of the workshop we invited everyone to share his or her best team experience, and then identify the relevant qualities on a Mandala Vision Graphic Guide® (Groups invariable rediscover the success factors described in the Drexler/Sibbet Team Performance Model® through their own experiences). I noticed one table group in back where everyone was standing up, gesturing, circling around to place a blizzard of sticky notes on various circles labeled with high-performing team qualities.

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Top 10 Reasons to Use a Storymap


1. Gain Alignment. Need to get everyone on the same page in your organization? The Grove‘s Storymap™ process is designed to reveal and resolve alignment issues, refine the message and get all stakeholders on the same page and moving toward the same goal.

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Helping Veterans Come Home: How Grove Templates are Assisting Military Career Coaches



Military members are coming home to the U.S. in growing numbers. Drawdowns in overseas operations, and new budget realities at the Department of Defense (DOD), have accelerated the move back to civilian life for many military members and families. For some, this situation has interrupted long-term career plans. For most, the transition comes at a time of economic uncertainty and job search challenges.

As they head home, military members and families can draw on help from the Transition Assistance Program (TAP) co-sponsored by the DOD, the Department of Labor (DOL), and the Veterans Administration. TAP includes face-to-face job search training, online information, and individual coaching. In our Aligned for Results workshops with military support staff, we’ve been impressed by these resources. And we’ve often wondered how The Grove’s visual tools could further improve their intended results.

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