Visual Consulting: Harvesting The Grove’s Change Leadership

From its inception to the present day, The Grove has helped design and lead large organizational- and community-change projects by successfully applying its visual facilitation, teaming, strategic-visioning, and process-leadership methods. Now Grove founder David Sibbet and Gisela Wendling, vice president for global learning, have written Visual Consulting: Designing and Leading Change, the fourth book in the Wiley & Sons Visual Facilitation Series. It includes several new frameworks and a rich set of practices for facilitators wishing to become visual consultants or consultants who wish to become visual.

Visual Consulting introduces a new model for change, called the Seven Challenges of Change, and integrates an underlying archetypal framework for change developed by Gisela Wendling called the Liminal Pathways Change Framework with other Grove frameworks that support thinking about process. The book grounds its ideas in a case study of a major change project and details how consultants can become aware of the inner dynamics over the course of a change process as well as the outer process structures that support real transformation. read more…

Announcing a New Workshop: The Graphic Recording Intensive

You’ve asked and we’ve listened! We are pleased to announce the launch of The Grove’s new two-day Graphic Recording Intensive (November 14-15, 2018 and July 22-23, 2019) at our San Francisco location. This continuing-education opportunity is for people who have been through our Principles of Graphic Facilitation (PGF) workshop or other related training in graphic fundamentals, and are interested in taking their visual practice to the next level.

This training will refine your skills in graphic recording as well as the graphic aspects of visual facilitation. The class incorporates many demonstrations, including new tips and techniques on lettering, space planning, icons, and real-time graphic capture, with practice time throughout. Unlike the small-group focus of the PGF workshop, the Graphic Recording Intensive emphasizes individual practice and trainer feedback.

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Creating a Culture of Collaboration and Change at Cal Poly Pomona’s College of Business Administration


Recently the dean of The College of Business Administration at Cal Poly Pomona called The Grove for help. The college of six academic departments and more than 5,000 students needed to move beyond a culture of silos, update some of its administrative processes, and address what seemed to be a lack of opportunities for innovation. As the college was getting ready to celebrate its 50th anniversary and was shifting from a quarter-based to two-semester-based system, the timing was ripe for a major renewal process.

To address these challenges, I teamed up with Laurie Durnell, The Grove’s co-president, to design and facilitate a visioning- and culture-development process for the college. This is a story of how change methodology, dialogic practice, and visual facilitation combined to achieve a successful result, symbolized by the completed Grove Storymap® (see above).

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Cultivate Collaboration: Join The Global Learning & Exchange Network (GLEN)

For more than 40 years, The Grove Consultants International has pioneered and supported a worldwide wave of interest in visual learning and facilitation. Now The Grove has launched The Global Learning & Exchange Network (GLEN), a network of process consultants, facilitators, team leaders, change practitioners, organizational leaders and more. Its mission is to increase people’s ability to collaborate across organizations and cultures by providing a learning community dedicated to inquiry, insight, and collective action.


Exploring Unknown Territories

At the heart of The GLEN is a synergistic learning community. It develops through Exchanges (face-to-face and online gatherings) and Collaborations (small-group projects) on topics such as design thinking, neuroscience, visual facilitation, collective wisdom, sustainable food systems, and leading change.

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The Book Sprint: Visual Practitioners Around the World Come Together to Write and Learn

More than 50 authors joined in a three-day global book sprint to create The Visual Facilitation Field Guide, a project launched by Jeroen Blijsie in The Netherlands. The book’s co-editors are Jeroen, Tim Hamons in Singapore, and Rachel Smith in the United States. The authors represent a broad spectrum of the field of visual practice. Their goal: to write a book that raises the profile of these methods and makes them accessible for both practitioners and clients.

Contributors worked around the world (and some around the clock) in The Netherlands, Singapore, and San Francisco, with authors in other locations connecting virtually. The North American contingent gathered at The Grove in San Francisco. The Grove’s Laurie Durnell, Tiffany Forner, Malgosia Kostecka, David Sibbet and Rachel Smith participated, with Rachel facilitating the North American portion of the sprint.

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