Visual Practice and Grove Methods Go Global


The Grove is experiencing one of our busiest years in a decade, and we are serving more international clients than ever. This, alongside the recent EuViz conference in Berlin and our growing number of global partners, is prompting increased focus on how we can best support this worldwide evolution of visual practice and interest in Grove methods.

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W. L. Gore Takes Team Performance System-Wide

How do you embed Team Performance within a global company? W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc. is showing the way. Human Resources (HR) at Gore is “going big” with The Grove’s Team Performance offerings to support its 10,000 associates worldwide.


Setting the Context

The culture at Gore prioritizes innovation and “the power of small teams.” Although Gore is best known for its Gore-Tex® waterproof outdoor gear, its wide-ranging products are in use “from the surface of Mars, to the permafrost of the arctic, to inside the human heart.” (1)
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The Tamalpais Lands Collaborative: “One Mountain, One Vision”

The Grove’s Laurie Durnell facilitated a multi-stakeholder process with all of the public-land management agencies for Mt. Tamalpais. The resulting collaborative will sustain the well-being of the mountain on which Laurie grew up.



Seeds for a multi-agency collaboration were planted back in 2003 when The Grove facilitated a watershed visioning process for Muir Woods. This culminated in a March 21 signing ceremony that launched the Tamalpais Lands Collaborative. (1)

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Intersections: An Interview with Grove Senior Consultant Giselle Chow

The Grove welcomes Giselle Chow, senior consultant, to our team! In this article, excerpted from a conversation over tea, Giselle reflects on the roots of her graphic facilitation practice.

Q: When did the role of “facilitator” first take hold for you?

Giselle Chow: Back in 1996, I began work as an elementary school teacher while I earned my teaching credential. Along the way, while I was primarily focused on teaching and learning in the classroom, I started becoming interested in the larger cultural issues of the school, some of which are pervasive in many private schools around access and opportunity: who was there and who wasn’t, who succeeded and who didn’t and why.
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